The types of laces
Mar 29, 2021

Lace is one of our common fabrics, especially in girls' clothes, but there are many kinds of lace. Do you know the differences between different kinds of lace?

In terms of composition, nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon are the main materials of lace. If spandex or elastic yarn is added, elasticity can be obtained.

Nylon (or polyester)+spandex: a common elastic lace. Nylon+polyester+(spandex): It can be made into two-tone lace, which is made by dyeing different colors with different materials of nylon and polyester. All-polyester (or all-nylon): it can also pay dividends for monofilaments and filaments, and monofilaments are mostly used for wedding dresses; Filaments can imitate the effect of cotton. Nylon (polyester)+cotton: can be made into a different color effect at the bottom of the flower

Generally speaking, lace on the market is generally divided into five categories: chemical fiber lace, cotton lace, cotton lace, embroidery lace and water soluble lace. Each lace has its own characteristics, and their advantages and disadvantages are different.

1.Water soluble lace

Water-soluble lace is made by weaving lace patterns on a piece of backing paper with polyester thread or viscose filament, and then dissolving the backing paper with high temperature water, leaving only the lace body, which is called water-soluble lace. Compared with the above kinds of lace, the number of stitches is more and much more, so the cost of water soluble lace is also more expensive. Advantages: very good hand feeling, soft and smooth, slightly elastic, shiny, three-dimensional and many modeling patterns Disadvantages: high cost, thick, difficult to fold, and unable to iron at high temperature

2.chemical fibre lace

Chemical fiber lace is a general name, which is mainly made of nylon and polyester, supplemented by spandex. Chemical fiber lace is generally thin and hard, so it may feel a little pricked if it comes into direct contact with skin. Advantages: low cost, many patterns, many colors and not easy to break. Disadvantages: the hand feel is not soft enough, can not be ironed at high temperature, and the elasticity is average

3.Cotton cloth lace

Cotton cloth lace is a kind of lace made by embroidering the lace shape with cotton thread on cotton interlining, and then cutting off the hollow part of cotton cloth. Cotton lace is a common type, which can be seen in many clothes, and its elasticity is basically the same as cotton. Advantages: low cost, not easy to break, high temperature ironing, and good hand feeling Disadvantages: It is easy to wrinkle, with few shapes and basically only white

4.Cotton Lace

Cotton lace, as its name implies, is a lace made of cotton. Cotton lace is woven with cotton thread, so its thickness will be thicker and its hand feel will be rough. The advantages and disadvantages of cotton lace are similar to cotton lace. The shape of cotton lace is a little more than cotton lace, which is more expensive and not easy to wrinkle, but it is not easy to fold and bend because of its thickness. Generally speaking, cotton lace is usually used on some smaller laces in clothing, which is not very noticeable.

5.Embroidered lace

Embroidered lace is embroidered with cotton, polyester and other threads on a layer of gauze, and then the outline is cut off. Because the lining cloth is gauze, the hand feel will change according to the hardness of gauze, but it is generally considered that softer embroidered lace made of softer gauze is better Advantages: Soft and smooth hand feeling, not easy to wrinkle, foldable, good elasticity and rich modeling. Disadvantages: It can't be ironed at high temperature and is easy to break

In the past, lace fabric was usually used as an auxiliary material in clothing. Because of its exquisite luxury and romantic characteristics, the frequency of lace fabric as a main material has gradually increased, and it has been loved by the market.

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