• Lace is inspired by nature, bringing us beauty and moving
    Apr 08, 2021

    Lace is inspired by nature, bringing us beauty and moving

    Only beauty and moving, people often feel that it is good to live in this world.The extraordinary year of 2020 has passed. In this year, everyone has been persevering and working hard to continue the warmth with love.May we continue to make things better together in the coming year.After living apart from nature, we will understand more about the luck of returning to nature and cherish more the gift of every flower and leaf of nature.Fashion comes from life, and flower elements are timeless classics in the fashion industry with various forms of expression.Simple, romantic flowers are full of childlike fun, which happens to bring a greater space for the imagination. And broken flower design is the magic weapon that stylist makes chunxia vogue more.We will share the theme lace from multiple angles and styles through delicate and realistic grass flowers, cotton texture three-dimensional flowers, roaming branches and leaves, strip stitching, folk style, geometric flower patterns and so on. This recommendation:Simple floral lace
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  • Dyeing factories use light boxes for color matching. Why do observers have to color matching at 45 degrees?
    Apr 17, 2021

    Dyeing factories use light boxes for color matching. Why do observers have to color matching at 45 degrees?

    Color matching light box can make samples, production, quality inspection and acceptance under the same standard light source, and accurately calibrate the color deviation of goods. It can be used for visual evaluation of color fastness of materials in textile, printing and dyeing industries, color matching proofing, discrimination of chromatic aberration and fluorescent substances, etc., to ensure that the color quality of goods meets the requirements, thus improving product quality and market competitiveness. Color matching light box is usually a combination of various light sources, such as D65, D75 and D50 which can provide simulated sunlight, TL84, CWF and U30 which can simulate the lights in the exhibition hall of the store, and f and INCA which can be used as household lights, HORIZON of horizontal sunlight, UV lamp tube, etc. These light sources must be recognized by large international organizations, such as store lights recognized by Wal-Mart and Martha, daylight recognized by international testing organizations, and lights with various special requirements specified by customers, etc. There are many problems in using the standard light source box, some of which cause the color matching of the light box not to meet the standard because of some details, which has a bad influence on the subsequent production. Here are seven key steps to use the standard light source box. If you encounter similar problems, please refer to them. 1 standard use: Key step one: observe the angle According to international standards, only two observation angles can be used, they are: A, zero-degree light source, 45-degree observation (0-45), that is, the light source shines on the sample from zero-degree (vertical) incident angle, and the observer observes the sample from 45 degrees. B, light source, 45 inclined table, 45 light source, observation at zero degree (0-45). In this layout, a special 45 °Fixed angle table should be used to make the light source irradiate the sample from 45 degrees, and the observer should observe the sample from zero degree (vertical). Key step 2: 45 light source detects the placement position of the sample No matter using any of the above observation methods, it must be noted that the test samples should be placed in the middle of the light box as much as possible to reduce the influence of external light sources. In addition, the most important thing is that when the colors of two or more objects need to be compared, they should not be overlapped for observation as much as possible, and it is best to place them side by side for comparison. Key step three: environmental factors in color matching All external light that will have the opportunity to irradiate the test sample must be avoided as far as possible. If the window is in the visual field, it should also be covered with gray curtains, so it is most ideal to use the color light box in the dark room. Another point is often overlooked, that is, no other sundries should be placed...
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  • The types of laces
    Mar 29, 2021

    The types of laces

    Lace is one of our common fabrics, especially in girls' clothes, but there are many kinds of lace. Do you know the differences between different kinds of lace? In terms of composition, nylon, polyester, cotton and rayon are the main materials of lace. If spandex or elastic yarn is added, elasticity can be obtained. Nylon (or polyester)+spandex: a common elastic lace. Nylon+polyester+(spandex): It can be made into two-tone lace, which is made by dyeing different colors with different materials of nylon and polyester. All-polyester (or all-nylon): it can also pay dividends for monofilaments and filaments, and monofilaments are mostly used for wedding dresses; Filaments can imitate the effect of cotton. Nylon (polyester)+cotton: can be made into a different color effect at the bottom of the flower Generally speaking, lace on the market is generally divided into five categories: chemical fiber lace, cotton lace, cotton lace, embroidery lace and water soluble lace. Each lace has its own characteristics, and their advantages and disadvantages are different. 1.Water soluble lace Water-soluble lace is made by weaving lace patterns on a piece of backing paper with polyester thread or viscose filament, and then dissolving the backing paper with high temperature water, leaving only the lace body, which is called water-soluble lace. Compared with the above kinds of lace, the number of stitches is more and much more, so the cost of water soluble lace is also more expensive. Advantages: very good hand feeling, soft and smooth, slightly elastic, shiny, three-dimensional and many modeling patterns Disadvantages: high cost, thick, difficult to fold, and unable to iron at high temperature 2.chemical fibre lace Chemical fiber lace is a general name, which is mainly made of nylon and polyester, supplemented by spandex. Chemical fiber lace is generally thin and hard, so it may feel a little pricked if it comes into direct contact with skin. Advantages: low cost, many patterns, many colors and not easy to break. Disadvantages: the hand feel is not soft enough, can not be ironed at high temperature, and the elasticity is average 3.Cotton cloth lace Cotton cloth lace is a kind of lace made by embroidering the lace shape with cotton thread on cotton interlining, and then cutting off the hollow part of cotton cloth. Cotton lace is a common type, which can be seen in many clothes, and its elasticity is basically the same as cotton. Advantages: low cost, not easy to break, high temperature ironing, and good hand feeling Disadvantages: It is easy to wrinkle, with few shapes and basically only white 4.Cotton Lace Cotton lace, as its name implies, is a lace made of cotton. Cotton lace is woven with cotton thread, so its thickness will be thicker and its hand feel will be rough. The advantages and disadvantages of cotton lace are similar to cotton lace. The shape of cotton lace is a little more than cotton lace, which is more expensive and not easy to wrinkl...
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  • Technology Trend of Women's Underwear Details Charmed in Chest
    Mar 02, 2021

    Technology Trend of Women's Underwear Details Charmed in Chest

       With the development of clothing industry, people's aesthetics is constantly improving. More and more women pay attention to their own pleasure, and have the courage to express their unique aesthetic feeling, sexy side, design sense and grasp of details become the top priority. In underwear design, the change of chest design will affect the whole underwear shape, the hollow strap design highlights the charm of women's body, the V-shaped design visually lengthens the neck line, the front buckle is more convenient, and the stitching design makes the underwear fabric texture richer.    Hollow out is the most commonly used element of clothing, which is different from the hollow out of fabric, the gap between the steel ring under the chest and the circumference under the chest, sexy but not deliberate. Or use the fabric to create a geometric shape in the chest to create a hollow feeling, and the bare skin in a small area of the fabric seems to be absent, adding a charming charm.    V-shaped design visually lengthens the neck line and takes the line of sight to the chest. Simple but detailed design with design sense makes the whole underwear no longer monotonous, emphasizing the shape of the chest itself and the female line, and matching with lace fabric, it is delicate and sexy.    The strap design leads from the chest to the clavicle or shoulder strap, which can guide the line of sight, attracting the line of sight to the shoulder, neck and chest. The delicate clavicle highlights the feminine charm. Or the design of bandage between chest has the effect of proper adjustment, which also makes the whole design more sexy and charming.    The front buckle design makes it more convenient to put on and take off, and the thin material collides with the metallic texture, which makes the style unique. The material of the front buckle is no longer only the metallic texture material, but also the resin material is widely used. The corset is combined with underwear, and the hook design has a unique design sense.    The presentation technique of stitching design in clothing is not only the contrast of colors, but also the collision of different materials placed between the chest for better intuitive guidance, emphasizing the shape of the chest and matching with the thin lace material, which is intellectually elegant and full of sexy femininity.
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  • Trend of Lace for Women's Underwear Accessories
    Jan 04, 2021

    Trend of Lace for Women's Underwear Accessories

    Exquisite luxury lace fascinates countless people. Lace represents exquisite craftsmanship and romantic and charming beauty from the beginning of its birth because of its beautiful and complicated lace. The transparency of materials and the three-dimensional sense of patterns are the two aesthetic characteristics of lace. Lace is beautiful in design and unique in technology. After fine processing, the pattern has a slight relief effect, and the subtle characteristics make women's charm. Bring your own romantic and sweet love pattern on the underwear surface with thin lace fabric as the carrier. The love pattern is small and lovely, which combines colors to create elegant and romantic sweet underwear, and can also combine different patterns to create more sexy underwear styles. The underwater rich animals, plants and colors are presented on underwear through fine embroidery techniques. The swimming jellyfish pattern adds agility and vitality to the whole, while the colorful plant patterns bring rich color vision to underwear. Butterfly elements are usually used in ready-made clothes. The exquisite butterfly elements are used in lace underwear, appearing in the form of butterflies or bows, which not only adds elegant and romantic atmosphere to women, but also adds smart visual effects to underwear. People's exploration of space has never stopped, and the starry sky element is an evergreen element in women's clothing, which combines the elements of stars with lace and connects them with streamlined lines to convey the starry artistic conception.  The elements of animals are full of vitality and interest, presenting the form of cute little animals on underwear, combining with elements such as plants and starry sky, it can better depict the vitality and theme of animals. Combine with the design without rims to create comfortable and unconstrained thin underwear.
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  • Creative original lace fabric inspired by Roman clock elements, like a labyrinth and a mask
    Dec 04, 2020

    Creative original lace fabric inspired by Roman clock elements, like a labyrinth and a mask

       Creative and original lace fabric inspired by Roman clock elements, like a labyrinth and a mask, with ancient Roman numerals interspersed in it, giving it a sense of mystery. Break the traditional floral element lace design and give you a different lace experience.    The numbers on clocks and watches use Arabic and Roman numerals. Roman numerals are more beautiful in form. Roman numerals and Roman architecture, especially Roman columns, are very uniform in form. Distinctive features and easy to identify.    The ancient Romans used words earlier, while real literary works were produced later. In the 7th century BC, the Romans created the Latin alphabet on the basis of the Etruscan alphabet (formed by transforming the Greek alphabet). After continuous improvement, the Latin alphabet became the basis for many other nations to create their own characters. This is one of the great contributions of ancient Romans to world culture.    The most important thing in the Roman alphabet era is the solemn, elegant, well-proportioned and beautiful and fully mature Roman capitals on the triumphal arch, victory column, and unearthed steles that were produced at the same time as the ancient Roman architecture from the 1st to the 2nd century. The artists of the Renaissance praised it as an ideal classical form and used it as a model for learning classical capital letters. Its characteristic is that the shape of the foot of the word is similar to the capital of the memorial column, and it is very harmonious with the column body. The width and narrow ratio of the letters are appropriate and beautiful, forming a perfect whole of Roman capital.    This original lace fabric design is inspired by Roman clocks. The small half of the dial is spliced spirally, with Roman numerals and irregular textures interlaced, forming a fashionable sense of rhythm. The unique source of inspiration creates a design effect that is different from traditional floral patterns. Floral lace is more subtle and gentle, while this lace is more elegant and elegant. The overall effect resembles a labyrinth, crisscrossed with Roman numerals interspersed in it, giving it a sense of mystery.
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