Lace is inspired by nature, bringing us beauty and moving
Apr 08, 2021

Only beauty and moving, people often feel that it is good to live in this world.The extraordinary year of 2020 has passed. In this year, everyone has been persevering and working hard to continue the warmth with love.May we continue to make things better together in the coming year.After living apart from nature, we will understand more about the luck of returning to nature and cherish more the gift of every flower and leaf of nature.Fashion comes from life, and flower elements are timeless classics in the fashion industry with various forms of expression.Simple, romantic flowers are full of childlike fun, which happens to bring a greater space for the imagination.

And broken flower design is the magic weapon that stylist makes chunxia vogue more.We will share the theme lace from multiple angles and styles through delicate and realistic grass flowers, cotton texture three-dimensional flowers, roaming branches and leaves, strip stitching, folk style, geometric flower patterns and so on.

This recommendation:Simple floral lace

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