Sweet and comfortable Textronic Lace
November 10 , 2020

In the fashion trend of lace, cotton texture is constantly emphasized. There are many ways to express the texture of cotton. If you want to have a cotton feel from both the visual and the hand feel, the textronic lace trim  is undoubtedly the most suitable choice. With the upgrade of craftsmanship and yarn, and the trend of fashion, the expression of the textronic lace trim is also different from the past, discarding the traditional concept of thickness, and creating a different kind of clear, soft and delicate with yarn and jacquard lace .

Three-dimensional flowers , delicate mesh bottom, with high-end cotton fabrics, classic florals and elegant colors, become a timeless classic. The lace presented by the textronic process is soft and delicate, and the three-dimensional sense of the flowers is prominent, as if the blossoms are blooming vividly, making people feel love and compassion. "

The series of lace underwear made of the elastice textronic lace reveals the feminine beauty to the fullest. Textronic lace has the most gentle touch, which is the best feature of lace.

Whether it is realistic or abstract flowers, leaves, or curly grass patterns and paisley patterns in the lace design, the flower edge style textronic lace becomes more transparent and thin, and the pattern is three-dimensional and layered. It is not only a visual experience, but also animal Feathers, leopard prints and other individual pattern designs are expressed through the textronic process, which is lifelike and feels slightly better.

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